2018 Partner Plan


Partner Plan GOALS:


       Decrease the Dues for current members


       Increase our number of members to help generate revenue.




Frequently Ask Questions:


***Recruiting/Marketing Responsibility:


Each Summit Member is responsible for their own recruitment:


As much as Randy, Rich, and all our Board Members would like to help, it is each current Summit Member to their work as their own marketer and recruiter.


* Recruit a New Member.


Current Member pays 50% of dues; New Member pays 50% of dues.

ex. Tom (current member) recruits Joe (new single member) dues $1,450. Tom pays $725 & Joe pays $725


* Dues split always uses HIGHER DUES category to split.


ex. Married Couple recruits a New single member. Dues are split based on Married Couple dues. $2,100, So, married couple pays $1,050 and new single member pays $1,050.


*  Current Member cannot use 2 Membership Specials.


ex. If current member is using the 3 year Member Plan, Current Member can either continue to use it or change to the Partner Plan but CANNOT use both!


*  Life Members are eligible for Partner Plan.


ex. Life Member recruits a New Member they play 50% of their Assessment and the New Member pays 50% of their appropriate membership category.


*  New Married Couple must be 2 New Members.


ex. A current single male cannot use his or her spouse to join as a New Married Couple because he or she is already a member.


       Partner Plan is limited to one Current Member and one New Member (Married or Single)


       Deadline for Partner Plan is April 30, 2018


       Changes & Exceptions to Partner Plan must be done with a Board of Directors Vote.


* New Member is:

*One who has never been a Summit Golf Member.


*** After great debate: Since this is the Inaugural Start of Our Summit Loyalty Partner Plan: for this year ONLY, Any one can join under the new plan.

After 2018- A Loyalty Plan- New Member is:


* A Former Summit Golf Member who has not been a Summit Member for 3 years

• Quickest pace of play per round in the area
• PGA golf professional instruction
• New Golfer friendly tournaments
• Private golf club conditions

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